Административная реформа в России: автономия государства и его способность к управлению.

Сморгунов Л.В. - доктор философских наук, профессор, зав. кафедрой Санкт-Петербурского государственного университета


The paper is based on the report delivered by L. Smorgunov at the science seminar “Issues of Modern State Administration in Russia” which was organized in Moscow by the Center for Problem Analysis and State Administrative ProjectMaking in March 2007. The author suggests a whole number of original solutions and conclusions concerning the prospects of development of state administration with regard to the measures taken within the framework of the administration reform. First of all the change of essence of state as the exponent and representative of public interests is dealt with. In this connection the paper dwells upon status features of presidency and parliamentarianism, dialectics of development of executive power, capability of state to perform its regulatory functions with respect to national economy and society at large. The issues of bureaucracy, civil service, and democratic administration which in general is represented by openness of state administration and its accountability to civil society are covered.

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