№4 (53) 2019


Dear Readers

It is with great pleasure that we address you for this special issue on Cyprus-Russia Relations. We are delighted that this endeavor comes as the culmination of a process that began with an agreement signed between the two Universities in December 2018, to launch a double MA degree programme. This MA Programme is offered in MGIMO’s ‘International Political Consulting’ degree in the field of study of ‘Political Science’ conducted by MGIMO on the one hand, and in the University of Nicosia’s ‘International Relations and European Studies’ or ‘Law and Politics in the European Union’ degree (depending on student choice) on the other hand.
The articles in this issue focus on relations between our two countries. The one of articles is by Michalis Kontos, who theorises the economic, diplomatic and cultural framework of bilateral cooperation by analysing the systemic factors affecting the players’ arguments, policies, and motives. This is followed by Costas Melakopides’ article, which focuses on the particularities of the Russian-Cypriot traditional friendly relations and presents an insightful analytical doctrine for the reinterpretation of the two powers’ role in the bilateral and universal level. Antonios Stratakis and Theodore Pelagidis question, in their article, traditional narratives regarding energy policies in the Eastern Mediterranean by critically inspecting the key stakeholders’ interests and pursuits. Andreas Stergiou in his article discusses the EU factor in the interplay between Russia and Cyprus within the context of history, security, and economics. Theofanis Malkidis recounts the history of political relations between Cyprus and Russia in order to assess the crucial moments leading to the 2004 Annan Plan.  Kyriakos Kolovos, Costas Venizelos, Emmanouil Takas and Sofia Iordanidou explore the bilateral relations of both nations from the establishment of the Republic in 1960 until March 2013, by employing a historical analysis of Russian representations in the Cypriot press.
There are a number of people that we wish to thank, without whom this publication would not have been possible: Dr Sardaryan, Dean of the School of Governance and Politics of MGIMO, has been instrumental in this collaboration between our Journals ever since his visit in our country in May 2018; Professor Yengibaryan, Editor-in-Chief of the Law and Administration. XXI Century Journal, has also been extremely kind in facilitating this; Dr Antyukhova has been most helpful in acting as the main point of contact between the Guest Editors and the Journal. We are also grateful to the members of The Cyprus Review Editorial Team, who invested valuable time in assisting in this, especially its Publications Editor, Dimitris Kourtis. Finally, a very big ‘thank you’ goes out to the authors who contributed to this Issue.

Dr Christina Ioannou
Prof. Achilles Emilianides
Guest Editors